The University of Kansas' Energy Solution

University of Kansas Energy Management Solution


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The University of Kansas is a teaching and research institution that operates multiple campuses and serves as a center for learning, scholarship, and creative endeavor. In order to meet the demands of enterprise energy management, the University of Kansas needed a utility bill management solution.

KU needed to track and manage chargebacks on 1,100 meters throughout a complex structure of divisions and departments, including athletics, housing, and food services. With annual chargeback revenue totalling over 2.3 million dollars, managing chargebacks was a high priority business process.

The University of Kansas discovered their solution in EnergyCAP. EnergyCAP's built-in visual basic scripting module facilitated KU's chargeback scenario with ease. EnergyCAP generated and exported bills for the campus accounting system, which then invoiced customers for payment.

Soon after installing EnergyCAP, KU recognized a costly trend and started a major energy efficiency project, insulating the university steam piping system. The project required applying insulation to over 2 1/2 miles of piping, valves, and other steam accessories throughout campus mechanical rooms, steam tunnels, and the power plant building.

EnergyCAP served as the project measurement and verification tool. The cost avoidance feature, using whole building methodology, tracked and analyzed relevant project data. This data was exported and weather normalized for comparison to pre project measurements. The results were verified, and based on EnergyCAP's calculations, the project continues to save an estimated 180,000 therms and $100,000 annually.

That's not all EnergyCAP did for the University of Kansas. To learn more about audits, utility data export, and trend analysis read the white paper today.

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