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Effective utility bill and energy management requires the ability to centralize a large volume of diverse data into one system. A system that streamlines workflow, expedites analysis, evaluates actions, and facilitates communication in a way that is easier, smarter, and friendlier than your current process. That system is EnergyCAP.

Recognized as the industry standard since 1982, EnergyCAP is the software of choice for more than 10,000 energy managers, across 3,000 organizations and has documented over $5 billion in energy savings. TheEnergyCAP solution combines powerful, easy to use enterprise level software with professional services to make your job easier and deliver efficiency, visibility, and savings across your entire organization. Savings opportunities begin with your utility bills. Enter the bill data into EnergyCAP manually or via electronic input, or for ultimate time savings and accuracy, let us enter and audit your data for you through our bill processing service: Bill Capture.

Need meter data too? Not a problem. You can enter monthly meter readings manually or automatically import data collected by your existing sub meter network, building management system and even vendor provided smart meters. From there, monthly rebill or charge back calculations are processed with a single mouse click, and reconciliation processes ensure that all usage and cost charges are accounted for. After your data is in EnergyCAP, validate and process it via a customized workflow that can include data auditing, multi-level approvals and interfaces to your accounting system to streamline bill payment and expense tracking. With EnergyCAP, utility bill processing is fast, making late fees and shut off notices, distant memories and freeing up personnel for higher value, energy management tasks.

EnergyCAP allows you to work smarter with a wide range of tools, weather normalization, peer benchmarking, calendarization, EUI charts, measurement, and verification, interval data analysis, and other informative tools help you catch billing problems, identify inefficient facilities and evaluate the impact of your energy management efforts. EnergyCAP delivers energy management intelligence through interactive maps, customizable and embeddable dashboards, and a library of hundreds of reports. For your entire portfolio, a region or business segment, a specific building or an individual meter, EnergyCAP communicates friendlier, actionable data you can rely on. Start your EnergyCAP experience today and maximize the value of your organization's energy information.

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