Case Study: Seeking Sustainability

Minneapolis Adopts EnergyCAP to Achieve Efficiency Goals

Minneapolis' utility bill invoicing processes used to be an energy accountant's nightmare...


Payables clerks all over the City were writing 20- to 30-digit account numbers on every paper invoice before mailing the invoices to an internal collection point. Another clerk in central accounting would then enter the handwritten codes into an ERP system. The system was fraught with opportunities for typos and lost invoices, and the City was receiving monthly termination notices and late fee warnings from vendors because of unpaid bills.

Download the case study now and discover:

  • How centralized processing helped gain efficiency for business accounting processes

  • How utility vendors helped by supplying an EDI-like file that helped with bill imports

  • How EnergyCAP is helping track progress toward the City's sustainability goals.

Download the Case Study