Recorded Webinar:

Tips to Get Buy-In for Your Energy Project


windmill.jpgAre you looking for ways to “sell” your projects to stakeholders? Discover the tax advantages, often-missed energy management benefits, and unique opportunities that can help frame your proposal. Tomorrow's webinar will give you the answers you need when the questions start coming.

Webinar content includes:

  • 2016 Tax Advantages
  • Non-Utility Benefits
  • Real Estate Value Improvement
  • Reward vs Penalty
  • Quantifying Energy Savings
  • Live Q&A

About the Presenters

This webinar will be presented by Eric Woodroof, founder and principal in Profitable Green Solutions, and Steve Heinz, founder and CEO of EnergyCAP, Inc.


Eric Woodroof, Ph.D., is Chairman of the Energy Management Professional Council. He has served as President of the Association of Energy Engineers, which is active in over 90 countries, with 17,000 members. Woodroof is the youngest member of the Energy Managers Hall of Fame and recently won a U.S. Department of Energy Award.



Steve Heinz, PE, CEM, CMVP
, has 40 years of experience in energy accounting software and civil/mechanical engineering. He has been named an International Energy Engineer of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers.


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