Never Key Another Utility Bill

EnergyCAP’s Bill CAPture service offers a complete solution for utility bill processing and data management.

At EnergyCAP, we feel your pain. We understand the frustrating data entry tasks associated with utility bill tracking—and we've done something about it.

EnergyCAP clients are seeing data from tens of thousands of monthly utility bills flow into their energy databases without lifting a finger to key a single utility bill.

Let us set you free from the challenging burden of utility bill data entry with Bill CAPture, a sophisticated and tech-savvy service that converts your PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV, and/or EDI file formats, and even your paper bills, to a format that can be electronically imported into your EnergyCAP database.

How It Works

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Bill CAPture meets your data entry, auditing and reporting needs while saving you time and money and providing you with more time and resources to use EnergyCAP's advanced software features to your advantage.

If you host your own EnergyCAP database, we transform your bills into a "Ready-to-Import" file that can be loaded into your self-hosted environment with a few simple steps. If EnergyCAP, Inc. hosts your database for you, we will go even further:

  • loading and auditing your billing data
  • archiving your bill images
  • distributing customizable batch and audit reports

What's Next?

If you're interested in Bill CAPture, visit our web page, or fill out contact form at the top of this page and we'll get in touch with you.


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