Our award-winning utility bill accounting & energy management software streamlines the submission of building energy data to ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager and presents your ENERGY STAR ratings helping reduce your organization's energy consumption and cost.

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ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

Go beyond your ENERGY STAR ratings by ranking and comparing your buildings and meters within peer groups based on the criteria you choose, such as building or meter primary usage, commodity, vendor, or rate. Benchmarking groups are created automatically by EnergyCAP based on common attributes, or you can create your own.


Demonstrate your commitment to best practices in building operations and maintenance and satisfy legislative mandates


Provide a respected and impartial performance assessment relative to peers across the U.S.


Increase the value of your building and leased spaces


Help enlist the support and participation of building occupants

Time management screenshots on laptop

Save your time.

Streamline your utility bill accounting workflow. Maximize your time and minimize human error by automating repetitive accounting & energy management tasks.


Access your data.

Analyze energy data for any time period or organization level. Customize, share, and embed energy dashboards and reports across the street or around the world.


Identify energy issues.

Quickly spot data or metering problems, billing anomalies, and mechanical electrical system control problems. Audit and approve bills before they are paid.

10,000+ energy managers

in government, higher education, healthcare, and commercial organizations use EnergyCAP to do more with their energy information.

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