How to Create an Annual Utilities Budget

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meterMoneyIn this recorded webinar, Steve Heinz, founder and CEO of EnergyCAP, Inc., discusses:

  • Unique aspects of utilities budgeting

  • Key questions to ask before creating your budget(s)

  • Primary factors impacting utilities budget adjustments

  • Departmental vs. central budgeting

  • EnergyCAP’s new Excel®-based Budget Worksheet tool

Steve shares EnergyCAP best budgeting practices, and give you a sound framework for enhancing your organization’s current budget practices.

About Our Presenter

Steve Heinz is a Professional Engineer, Certified Energy Manager, and Certified Measurement & Verification Professional with 40 years of experience in energy accounting software and civil/mechanical engineering. Since 1980, Steve's software products (FASER and EnergyCAP) have tracked more accounts, meters, buildings, and clients than any other energy tracking system or service. For these accomplishments, Steve was named the 2013 International Energy Engineer of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers.


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