Practical Tips for Powerful Presentations

No one wants to give a mediocre presentation, but so many
presentations end up that way.

Mockup-PracticalTips--Spine-small Increasingly, energy managers must present ideas to groups of people. Whether it’s proving return on investment for an upcoming purchase, sharing the results of an energy efficiency project, or enlisting coworkers to conserve energy, these ideas are important.

However, few energy managers are ever trained in preparing presentations and speaking to groups, so high stakes presentations receive low stakes preparations. The important ideas get fumbled.

But in this eBook, Chris Heinz, VP of Marketing for EnergyCAP, Inc., provides practical tips for delivering powerful presentations.

Borrowing from presentation experts Nancy Duarte and Dan Roam, Heinz will discuss how to:

  • delight your audience
  • say what you mean
  • use storytelling
  • make your slides shine
  • deliver your presentation so people care

So say goodbye to mediocre presentations and deliver powerful presentations every time.

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