EnergyCAP: America's #1 Utility Bill Management Software

More than 10,000 energy managers in 3,000 organizations have tracked more than $25 billion in energy spending using EnergyCAP’s powerful software.

Making Energy Management Easier

Benchmark your buildings to find outliers. Grab energy data for any time period and/or organizational level. Whether you're creating a budget or evaluating an energy savings project, EnergyCAP is an intelligent solution that simplifies your work and frees you up for higher level planning, implementation, and analysis.

suny50.png"We use this software to track a very large number of accounts across a diverse state that is completely deregulated for electricity and natural gas supply. We have many locations, vendors and reporting needs. This software has met all of the ones we have faced so far."
- Kathleen Slusher, Director of Energy Procurement at State University of New York

Making Energy Management Smarter

Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks. Whether you need help improving your utility bill-handling workflow, finding more effective ways to present your data, or meeting energy mandates, using EnergyCAP is a smarter way of managing energy.

Maryland.png"It was important to the Energy Office to find a platform that would be robust enough to hold and track all of the details that were needed to support tracking energy reduction, as well as support our purchasing of deregulated commodities. I think that it is clear that our Office would not function well or efficiently without [EnergyCAP]."
- Emily Hunter Soontornsaratool, Energy Data Program Manager, State of Maryland 

Making Energy Management Friendlier

Log in from any location. Configure user permissions or customize your personal energy dashboard. EnergyCAP's user-friendly tools show your people the data they need to make wise decisions. 

City of San Bernardino"The system is so user friendly and the reports are useful in finding ways to cut energy costs for a city with numerous accounts. If I have any questions regarding ANYTHING, I am always answered quickly." 
- Susan Davis, Accounting Technician at City of San Bernardino

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